A carry-over selection of the timeless Francesco Russo’s classics. Designed around the ever-present concept of femininity, the Icons are a symbol of classicism meant as respect for the form, that fits and shapes itself on the body that welcomes it. 


A variation of the theme who steals the scene, the Asymmetrical pump follows the asymmetrycal shape of the foot to emphasize its silhouette. Soft and sophisticated lines meet with a bold showcase of sensuality. 


The cage sandal follows an architectural approach to show the purest essence of the shoe as to portray its bone structure. It features daring and sharp geometrycal lines to sustain the foot like a framework. Elegant, steady and strong.


The iconic flame sandal portrays the absolute essence of an idea, the getting rid of the unnecessary. A simple line of ink delicately lays on the foot, climbing up the leg a little, a small but daring flame. 


A reinterpretation of the iconic Mary Jane flat with a grown-up seductive elegance.


An homage to the 1920s classic.